Our commitment

Concerned about a societal commitment and respectful of the environment, Marmillon integrates social and environmental responsibility in each of its actions.

Specialized in the transformation of thermoplastics for multiple industrial applications, Marmillon has been committed from the outset to a Total Quality approach at all levels of the company.


The ISO 9001 certification reveals the quality of our know-how and skills.


The IATF 16949 certification is the essential passport to operate in the Automotive market.


ISO 14001 certification is a strong commitment to improving our environmental performance.

Certificate of Compliance
Prevention of losses of Industrial Plastic Granules (GPI in french) according to decree no. 2021-461

As part of the AGEC french law (Anti-waste and circular economy) decree no. 2021-461 requires production, handling and transport sites of industrial plastic granules (GPI in french) to have their waste prevention provisions audited. Losses and discharges into the environment. Below are the results obtained (available only in French).

An active approach to the sourcing of recycled plastic materials

Marmillon has received the MORE label for the year 2023. This label, created by the Federation of the Plastics Industry, is fully in line with our CSR approach aimed at integrating the challenges of sustainable development in the vision and strategy of our group.

It values:

A CSR performance recognized by the EcoVadis rating platform

To measure the performance of our CSR approach and compare it to the companies in our sector of activity, Marmillon is evaluated by the EcoVadis rating platform.

The EcoVadis rating focuses on non-financial management systems, including consequences on the Environment, Social and Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.

Marmillon commits to a Circular Economy approach

In this way, we recycle some of the parts we produce, in addition to purchasing already regenerated material for some of our products.


for a more responsible plastic, but still efficient!

In 1999, we began to implement eco-responsible actions and to monitor the sorting of our plastics.

Today, these actions have multiplied and are even stronger; they are an integral part of our group’s values.

Acting for professional equality between women and men

Attentive to respect for equality between women and men, and as a company with more than 50 employees, Marmillon publishes its Professional Equality Index every year.

Professional equality between women and men is a requirement of justice and also an economic performance issue.

The index is established according to 4 indicators:

The first indicator is the pay gap indicator.

It is calculated on the basis of the average remuneration of women compared to that of men and by age group.

Only groups comprising at least 3 men and at least 3 women are taken into account.

This indicator counts for 40% of the final grade.

The Marmillon Group obtained a score of 39/40.

The 2nd indicator is the indicator of the difference in the distribution of individual increases between women and men.

It is calculated by comparing the percentage of increased employees among men and among women according to the group categories defined in the first indicator.

This indicator counts for 35% of the final grade.

The Marmillon Group obtained a score of 35 out of 35.

This indicator analyzes the percentage of employees who received a pay raise in the year they return from maternity leave.

The indicator is calculated by comparing the number of employees who received a raise on their return from maternity leave, before the end of the reference year, to the total number of employees returning from maternity leave.

This indicator counts for 15% of the final grade.

Over the reference year, there was no return from maternity leave within the Marmillon Group. The indicator is then incalculable.

This indicator is the number of people of the under-represented sex in the 10 highest earners.

It makes it possible to assess parity among the 10 highest salaries in the company.

This indicator counts for 10% of the final grade.

Groupe Marmillon obtains the score of 0 out of 10, women being under-represented among the best paid employees.


is the value of the Marmillon gender equality index for the year 2022.
*Published February 28, 2023
This result reflects the attention paid by our group to gender equality in the workplace, which we consider to be a key factor for social cohesion within our organization.

QSE policy & Ethical charter

Marmillon’s Quality, Safety and Environment policy describes our commitments to our customers in order to satisfy them, by delivering a set of guaranteed services in compliance with contractual requirements. The continuous improvement of the quality of our products is a driving force behind our ambition.

Marmillon’s Ethics Charter formalizes the main rules that we are committed to respect. They guarantee the respect of ethical principles that are in line with our values and our QSE Policy.