About LCV Group

Learn more about our history, values and key dates.

LCV Group: A European Leader in Plastic Tooling and Transformation

The LCV Group specializes in the study and production of molds for thermoplastic injection, composite solutions, and plastics transformation.

The group brings together 3 entities:

  1. CMPR, production of new tools
  2. BUMER, development, modification and purchase of tools
  3. MARMILLON, plastics processing

Consolidation of two industrial know-how

The two professions and two skills are interdependent and appear to be an essential industrial logic to meet the demands of current markets.
Integration takes place vertically in the subcontracting chain with the production of tools at CMPR and Bumer, then mass production at Marmillon.
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The Marmillon Story: Decades of Mastery in Plastic Transformation

Marmillon: A Leading Provider of Plastic Transformation with Decades of Expertise. Marmillon is a leading provider of plastic transformation, with a history dating back to 1927. The company specializes in injection and extrusion, and has a strong focus on surface treatments. In 2003, Marmillon mastered vacuum metallization, and in 2023, it integrated a new expertise: UV varnish.

Expertise in Surface Treatments: Marmillon’s expertise in surface treatments is what sets it apart from the competition. The company offers a wide range of treatments, including vacuum metallization, UV varnish, and more. Marmillon’s treatments can be used to improve the appearance, performance, and durability of plastic parts.

Global Footprint: Marmillon is a European-sized company, with headquarters in France. The company has production facilities in France, Slovakia, and Spain. This global footprint allows Marmillon to serve customers around the world.

Marmillon is a people-oriented company, with a strong focus on employee satisfaction. The company has a workforce of 220 people, with 120 employees in France and 100 employees in Slovakia.

End of construction of the Marmillon factory in Arbent (Ain, France), in 1976.

Our values

The values that are at the heart of Marmillon’s culture apply to all our activities and relation with our stakeholders:

Team spirit

We believe that a collaborative team, working harmoniously together, is infinitely more productive for our projects.


Every day, our world changes. Innovation is our common thread to continuously improve our working methods.


As a human value, respect is our anchor for developing the self-esteem of our employees and the world of tomorrow.


Excellence goes beyond what is expected, both with respect to customers and employees. It enriches our knowledge.


Work agile, constantly evolving to improve our practices and master new processes.

Key dates

Expansion: MARMILLON launches new coating business, builds test center.

Acquisition: MARMILLON acquired by LCV Group alongside moldmakers CMPR and Bumer. Vertical integration in the supply chain: tooling and mass production.

2000 – 2020: 20 years that Marmillon has been certified ISO 14001 Environment

2000 – 2020: 20 years that Marmillon has been certified ISO 14001 Environment

Renewal of ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment certifications. New IATF 16949 Automotive certification

Installation of administrative services on the Arbent site: new group headquarters

Establishment in Spain in Burgos: signature of a partnership with the company Bocanegra

Start-up of the Metallization Workshop in Myjava (Slovakia)

Investment in two new plating machines

Launch of the EXOR initiative

Modernization of the machine park, expansion and refurbishment of premises

Purchase of an injection moulding machine Billion 150 Tons Electric

Creation of a production island for transparent parts in Arbent

Creation of the company GemPlast

Achievement of the new ISO/TS 16949 Automotive certification

Start-up of the Metallization activity. Manufacture of metallized parts for the Automotive and Lighting industries.

Obtaining the new certifications ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and QS 9000 Automotive.

Creation of a joint venture for the marketing of furniture and office products (MEUBLAX)

Creation of a joint venture production in Slovakia

Establishment in Slovakia in Myjava

“A approval” to the VALEO 1000 Designer

Membership in the RONAX purchasing group

ISO 9002 Certification – Quality Systems

Integration of the ADC operation in the Enterprise (40 people involved)

Implementation of a reinforced Quality Approach

Customer Recognition: Valeo 1000


Launch of a Quality approach with the aim of ISO 9002 certification

Launch of the Plastic Valley ADC Project

Creation of the training modules marketed by Plastifaf

Creation of the Engineering Department: first technical expertise and analyses

Construction of the Arbent factory (France)

Development of the industrial parts production activity and construction of the Oyonnax factory (France)

Start-up of the Extrusion activity: manufacture of strips for formica tables

Integration of the first mechanical injection moulding machine: production of plastic combs

Creation of the MARMILLON company by Mr François Marmillon: manufacture of beads and buttons in galalith.