UV Varnish

Our UV varnish offers permanent protection to your most exposed plastic parts.

Marmillon vernissage spray reticulation uv via robot 6 axes

Hard Coat Marmillon varnish: optimal protection for your plastic parts

Marmillon Hard Coat varnish – or Vernis Dur in French – is an ideal solution for protecting plastic parts from external aggressions.

The varnish improves the resistance of parts to scratches, abrasion and UV rays. It is commonly used in the automotive industry for appearance parts in direct contact with an external environment.

Spray technology with UV reticulation

UV spray technology is the most widespread for producing exterior lighting parts, particularly for car headlights on the Headlamp market.

The process

Ligne de vernissage Marmillon

Mastery and Quality

Marmillon’s fully automated varnishing line guarantees optimal quality thanks to:

Specific dimensions

Dimensions of Marmillon varnished parts:

Technical application: Vacuum metallization and Hard Coat varnish

An R&D project is underway to varnish metallized products directly manufactured at Marmillon.

This technical application will ultimately make it possible to offer products as a substitute for chrome products. An alternative solution that will be increasingly demanded due to its environmental benefits. It must meet the strictest requirements in terms of exterior parts for vehicles.

Marmillon pièces plastiques métallisées et vernis

Technical sheet for Marmillon Hard Coat Varnish

Do you want to protect your plastic parts from external attacks? Marmillon hard coat varnish is the ideal solution. This hard varnish, also known as UV varnish, is applied to the surface of plastic parts to make them more resistant to scratches, abrasion and UV rays.
To find out more about the properties and application of Marmillon hard coat varnish, download our technical sheet. This technical sheet contains all the information you need to make your choice.
Marmillon entreprise lauréate France Relance

France Relance: Marmillon winning company

Aid from France Relance enabled the group to acquire a new varnishing line, thus constituting an investment opportunity and a growth accelerator. This varnish production line was essential to the launch of new products and the group’s expansion into new markets.