Plastic injection moulding is the Marmillon Group’s core business. Each of our plants has its own plastics workshop for the injection of thermoplastics.

Processing of all thermoplastics.

Automation adapted to each production.

Plastic injection moulding

Our production facilities include a total of 97 injection moulding machines, ranging from 50 to 2000 tons.

Injection of:

103 million

of injected parts per year

Optical parts

Appearance parts

An unavoidable trend in the interior and exterior of vehicles. Paint-free and varnish-free technology, which increases the perceived quality of parts with an attractive appearance.

Technical parts

On the other hand, we specialise in the production of small parts in very large series with or without inserts.

Our finishing workshop takes care of all related operations (assembly, various decorations, US welding, etc.).


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